Day Ten of My Personal Growth

Day Ten of My Personal Growth

I did not believe that I would feel any different than I did ten days ago. Well I do. I feel charged and energized.

I am committed to a life of freedom. Freedom from my own fears and my own mind. This one of the most exciting times in my life. I am so grateful I get to share it with the world. If what I write about can at least make people look at themselves, I am grateful.

Part of the The Beyond Freedom program is to show gratitude to others. So I am making it a point to tell people how grateful I am to have been touched by them . How much I appreciate the things they do and who they are. I have seen many smiles this week. It made me smile inside and out. What can be better than making others feel good ? For me I cannot think of a thing.

Another exercise I do everyday is make a promise to myself.

Today’s promise was to have patience for those who don’t understand how good life is.

I try to keep that promise for myself. If I fail, I have failed myself. Then I look to the next day to try harder. Everyday is a new. So everyday you get a new opportunity to fix where you may have failed yourself the day before.

Are you ready to fix your life with the missing piece?

My Personal Growth Program: Outrageous Riches Now

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