Show up for Your “Own” Life – Don’t Leave Untill You Get What You Came For.

What does that mean ? Show up For Your ” own ” life, Don’t Leave Until You Get What You Came For. I was on a morning wake up call with  Liberty League when i heard someone say that. It made me have one of the Ah ha moments that Oprah always talks about. Do I show up for my own life? I thought about it for awhile. Then i came to the conclusion that i do but i still can be more present in my life.

How many of you show up for your own life ? Do you own your actions ? Do you sit and blame the world for all the things that you don’t have instead of being grateful for the things you have. Are you making the life decisions in your own world or do you let the world make them for you .

I know that I make choices for my own life . I wake up everyday and decided for myself what is going to happen that day. Although you cannot predict everything that is going to happen . I can predict how i am going to react to any given situation. I will always respond instead of react. I will always find the positive in everything i do.

I will make sure that I am the main influence in my life. I will own my decisions and choices. I will live to please myself. I will acknowledge the law of attraction in my everyday life. I will not quit on myself until i get what i came for.

Are you ready to get what you came for?

living bold

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