Live Life Bold

Do you Live Life Boldly?

How many of us really do? Can you honestly say that you live life to the fullest and you challenge yourself to step out of your box. Most people can’t say that. They would like to think that they challenge themselves, but the truth is not many people like to leave there comfort zone. Even if that comfort is all negative energy.

We need to not fall into the comfort zone. You need to step up and step out of that zone everyday. Even with simple things like your cup of coffee. If you usually take it light and sweet , try to just have it light not so sweet. You might realize that you will like it that way too!

I am leaving for Hawaii tomorrow. The trip for me is stepping out of the box. I am Married with 2 children and I really don’t care to be with out them. The fact that not only am I going with out them . I am going far from them . I can’t just run home if they need me. That is hard for me . I need to do this for myself and for them . As a result of my trip I am making my family step out of their box. They count on me to do so much for them and now they will need to do those things for themselves.

I am making the choice to Live my Life Bold. Everyday I work the Beyond Freedom program and I am grateful it is in my life.

Are you ready to live bold?

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