Are You Lowering Your Standards to Your Level of Behavior?

If you think about it we all mature at different times in our lives. Are you lowering your standards to your level of behavior ? Instead of Raising the bar , do you just settle?

We tend to rationalize our behavior and actions. Instead of changing who we are it seems to be easier to make excuses for why we do what we do . Most of the time it is out of pure laziness. Sometimes it is out of lack of knowledge . Some people just don’t know any better. Do you know how to prioritize yourself?

Here is an example… You go to a expensive restaurant, You expect top rated service. You feel you deserve what you are paying for.  Well why is that any different that you have this amazing body that you are born with , Why would you give it the very best treatment in the world? People tend to put their own needs last.

A lot of people put there health last and their jobs first. They tell themselves that they will make the money and then after they make the money. Then they will take care of their health. What people don’t realize is that life is to short and some damage is irreversible. You need to stop rationalizing your health and well being. When you are gone from this earth , you can’t take the money with you!

Our bodies and minds need to be nurtured and taken very good care of. When you are born the first years of your life we are taught to nurture our bodies and mind. Why do we give up after that ? It is crazy to think we prioritize ourselves backwards. We should always put ourselves first on the list of being treating good. If we did this more often people would be happier with themselves.  Don’t you want to be happy? Stop lowering your standards!

Life is good. It is your life so step up and own it! Get what you came for !

Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth

Thank you Beyond Freedom !

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