One on One Personal Development


Truth hurts sometimes

Truth hurts sometimes

I have been told for years that I am brutally honest. Is there such a thing. Or is it just that people can’t handle the truth. Everybody wants life candy coated. If people can just see the real reality of life , It could be a better life for them. That is where i think that my life long flaw is truly my biggest asset. 



One on One Personal Development


I have always had a thing for helping people. I don’t mind being honest with people. Life isn’t all about protecting peoples feelings. Especially when it is something they truly need to hear. People don’t see the big picture in life all the time. When I speak with many people and I let them see there life under a new light , They are grateful. Sometimes it seems to them to came out cruel. That is never my intent. It usually seems that way to someone who is having a problem excepting the truth.



Can you handle the truth? Are you ready for change?

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