Why Does Nobody Want To Be The Bad Guy???

It seems to me that people like to claim friendships , but when it comes down to it they an enabler. When you have a friendship and your friend is headed for rock bottom do you let him fall ? Or do you reach out and do something about it. What is crossing the line in helping a friend out. 

Why Does Nobody Want to be the Bad Guy???


If your friend starts to gain a large amount of weight do you say something? Is it being the bad guy by showing someone you care for their health. If your family member has a drug problem , do you involve the whole family and have an intervention? Or is that crossing the line ? These situations make people feel like being the BAD GUY. When in reality it makes them the HERO .This is when people count on your trust the most. When they are no longer capable to judge for themselves. They can’t see things for what they really are. That is when you are supposed to step in and be bold and help them see the light.

Remember it is about being the 


Step out of the box and save a life.


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  1. chris

    thanks again your my hero!!!!!

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