What You Need to Hear & What You Want to Hear




I think people don’t realized that to sugar coat everything is very dangerous. Most people ask for advise and expect the person to tell them exactly what they want to hear. When the truth of the matter is they are to sensitive to hear the truth. When they are presented with what they need to hear instead of what they want to hear they feel like they are being attacked.

What You Need to Hear & What You Want to Hear

Every time I am asked advise about something I am as honest as possible. Sometimes honesty is taken as cruelty. That is never where is comes from. It is usually the person that can’t handle the facts about a given situation. I   keep a straight level in my voice when telling someone what they NEED to hear. That way they can’t say I was attacking them. I never want to come off that way or they will never hear what needs to be heard.

When hearing the things you don’t want to hear you need to step out of yourself. It is a growing process when needing to hear the truth. Even bigger step to except it. We all would like life to be painted as a pretty picture . It just doesn’t always work out that way. Be more excepting of what you need to hear and grow from it. You WILL be grateful in the end.


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3 responses to “What You Need to Hear & What You Want to Hear

  1. ANewDayisHere`

    Holla atcha BOI! I agree 100%. People need to think that it’s their idea to change.

  2. Interesting post…

    lets look at some of your ideas from a different angle..maybe i can learn things from you response..

    “I try to be as honest as possible”?
    why are you trying, you are or your’e not ?

    “I try to keep a straight level in my voice when telling someone what they NEED to hear.” nobody likes to be TOLD..do you ? so maybe “Share” your idea which allows them the right to agree or disagree.

    2ndly..to Tell someone what They Need to Hear implies that they are wrong and you are right & to come from that thinking may cause them to think they were being attacked..could it ?

    The truth you are Telling them is your truth which doesn’t mean it’s right for them..does it ?

    so maybe Asking them questions about why they believe or feel the way they do will reveal what type of info you could Share with them.

    These are ideas only..open to reflection or rejection..have fun: )

    • You have brought up some great points. Sometimes people perspectives are clouded . You are more of a oustide point of view. Seeing it from a different way may just open their mind to the idea that they are seeing it the wrong way all along.
      As for nobody likes to be told and they feel attacked. I have found that people like that know that they are wrong to begin with . They get defensive because the truth hurts and MOST people are not ready to deal with the truth .
      I am not intrested if they agree or not . Because usually they are not going to agree if they are clouded and can see where I am coming from anyway .

      I agree the truth is different for everybody . Everybody has a different reality .

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