Day 82 – I Feel Strong !

Although i am dealing with Vertigo . I feel strong. I feel the strength in my life. My thoughts are strong. That empowers me to be better than my obstacles. In the past 81 days a lot has happened in my life. I have made some big decisions and taking big steps. All of them I am proud of. I am grateful for Liberty League being in my life. Without the support of the large community i would still be doubting myself. 


Day 82-I Feel Strong!


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2 responses to “Day 82 – I Feel Strong !

  1. Ree Ree

    Not only do you feel strong….you look strong too!!! I am soooo proud of you! Beautiful Pic!

  2. Wow, inspirational. Truly inspirational! It’s funny that you mention vertigo. My aunt has battled vertigo for several years and finally figured out that it was caused by a soy and peanut allergy. I can get the details if you’d like. Keep up the good work as I will be back!

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