When are you going to choose in?

Life is about choice. You are given life. You are told how things in life are supposed to be. You grow up and realize that there is a possibility that everything you have learned was false. You don’t have to work a 9 to 5 job. You don’t have to follow what society says. It is okay that your kids want to be home with you . It is great to want to be family oriented. It is okay to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are amazing. 

All those things happen when you choose in ,in your life.


People don’t realize that choosing out shouldn’t be an option. Imagine going to a palm reader and they tell you that you aren’t with your soul mate and that you will have money problems. You repeat what they say in your head over and over. Then you suddenly realize that they were right . I do have some bills. And I don’t always get along with my partner. You mind is falling into the negative patterns. You instantly allowed your self to stop making choices. You let your mind make the choices for you. At that point when you went and got a opinion of another you decided that what ever they say is true. By repeating it over and over you attracted it to start happening. 

When are we as humans going to choose in ? When are we going to own up and take control for our actions? When are we going to start being more excepting of change?

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