Life Changing Experiences as a Family


I am on my way to experience one of the most biggest changes of my life. I am grateful I am able to have my children experience this with me. They are just as excited as I am to be apart in  this experience.

Life Changing Experiences as a Family


Summit Conference Atlantis Bahamas

Summit Conference Atlantis Bahamas



    I am sorry that  my husband isn’t able to be a part of this. We are making big changes in our lives and we usually like to be able to be together for that. He is just as excited for us to go with out him. He is looking forward to what knowledge we will bring home with us. Life for us is all about changing. 

                       It dawned on me this morning that my closest friends really don’t know me anymore. How could they, I am so different from June to now.  I barely recognize  myself.  I was chatting with a  friend and I told her that I no longer will be a part of my old profession . She told me of course I would do it again. That I loved the feeling of joy I brought to people that way. I had to explain to her that I no longer found joy in that. Even thought I am good at what I did. It really isn’t what brought ME happiness. That is KEY. I need to feel joy at the same time as sharing it. I felt that I was side tracked in to that profession. I was influenced by what other people wanted for me. 

                     It is time for me to do what truly brings me happiness. The sad part is will my friends be able to hold on for the ride. I am about to embark the ride of a life time . I know that the most important people are on board. My kids and my husband can’t wait to see what we are capable of.


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3 responses to “Life Changing Experiences as a Family


    love those kids!!!!


    i am always with you your love

  3. Ree

    This friend will ALWAYS hold on for the ride!

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