Your Very Best Thinking

Path Of life, Are you taking action on it?

Did you ever think to yourself how did I get to where I am in life? Are you the type that likes to blame others for the situation you are in? Do you realize that your very best thinking got you to were you are. Yes it is true.


Your Very Best Thinking

Andy Andrews brought this to my attention. It sure was a eye opener. When I was in the worst possible financial place it was because of my best thinking. My own fault. Who would imagine that they would create a situation where they are financially suffering. It all made sense. Was I taking action to have anything else go for me at that time. Not that I can recall. The last thing I think anybody cares to admit is that they don’t really handle their business. I know I spent most of my time focused on that fact that I am in a financial situation. Instead of how to fix it. 

Remember you are what you focus on . What do you focus on?

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