Celebrate the Small Successes

It might seem silly at times , But it is really important to celebrate even the smallest of successes in your life. I had a whole day with out having a bad thought . That is reason to celebrate. For you it might be a whole day without smoking or cursing. It could be your first sale .Or the first time you made yourself step out of the box.  All of those things have cause to celebrate.

Celebrate the Small Successes.



Grateful I have a great computer to take pics with!

Grateful I have a great computer to take pics with!



When you take the time to do that the things you celebrate will start to become bigger.Make a special dinner in celebration to your first sale. When taking the time to acknowledge the first sale and then taking every sale and embracing that same feeling is priceless. You need to learn to appreciate the little things in order for the big things to happen. It all stems back to gratitude. You have to show that you do appreciate everything you have. Not take a single moment in your life for granted. Like I said before even if it is as small as a pen or the parking spot you got today. Show appreciation for it and greater things will start happening. You have to practice this everyday. Not just when you are in need for something. It doesn’t work out a well when you only do it and expect something in return. The Law of Attraction   is a beautiful thing. Use it wisely, I do.  Remember what you spend your time thinking about , you will create it for youself . That happens whether you invite it to or not.

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  1. I love what your doing with your blog. I’ve been working on a forgiveness piece but haven’t posted yet. Keep doing what your doing. It’s great.

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