Life has become so much More Exciting to ME !

Well folks I am a product of what I educate myself with. I have been part of a amazing company called Liberty League International for 4 months now. At first I didn’t think twice about what I was doing. I took action and thought about it after. Then as weeks went on I doubted myself. Was I making the right choice for me and my family? Well the answer is yes! I most definitely made the right choice . With Liberty League and the beyond freedom program I am a new me.

Life has become so much More Exciting to ME !




It wasn’t till a week ago when I realized what I was missing. I need to let go . Purely and Honestly ,let go! I had to understand that things aren’t perfect. And that if I keep pushing myself for perfection I will never get it. I had to stop and be thankful for what I was doing and feel confident enough that It will bring me success. We’ll It is bringing me lots of success. I am so excited about the 180 my life is taking. 

It didn’t seem like it could at all be possible. I kept making up reasons why I couldn’t have everything I wanted in life. I now realize that all I need was to take some action in my life. It really isn’t that hard. I just have to get out of my comfort zone and let fear be the motivator in my life. Afraid of saying i didn’t even try. Who wants to say that.   

I am free , I am alive

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