I have the Most Incredible Husband in the World. Yes ladies I do!

As I sit here and think to myself what a great life I have. I really have to have gratitude for my husband. We are married 9 1/2 years. We know each other since we were little. Real little. People had their doubts about our marriage it lasting . Well I am happy to announce that we have a forever lasting relationship. I got exactly what I asked for.I also knew what I wanted my husband to be like. I guess at a young age I put it out there in the universe what kind of husband I wanted. What kind of Dad I wanted for my kids. 



I have the Most Incredible Husband in the World.

Yes ladies I do! 

He is the most amazing man in the world. He is my very best friend. My be me at all times guy. We have grown together in such a way that we are each other. We know exactly what is going on in each others minds. Which is perfect when wanting the same things out of life. He speaks Puppy and understands Canary.  I am grateful for that. I love he grows when I grow. We never leave each other behind in a growth in our lives. 

We are creating our lives together ever day. It never stops. We are gitty and excited about life. We have learned the real secrets to a amazing life. Some people will never get it in their lifetime. 

For that We are both Truly Grateful .

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