Recap of 2008

As I look back at this past year I am truly happy with all my life decisions I have made. They say time flies by when you are having fun. Time flies no matter what. So I had made a decision this past year that I will make the most of every moment. 



Shea Stadium 2008

Shea Stadium 2008



Recap 2008


  • Join a amazing company that has given me a clearer out look of where I am headed in life
  • Creating change in my life
  • Became a strong leader that is a great follower
  • Went to Hawaii
  • Went to Bahamas
  • Took my kids to play with Dolphins
  • reunited with old friends
  • Created this unbreakable bond with my husband
  • adapted a amazing program into my life
  • Burnt the boats! And excited to win !
  • Celebrated the birth of my nephew, Michael Henry 
  • Made every monday in the summer Family fun day
  • Talked to my dad again
  • Took the kids to 2 Met games 
  • I over came Vertigo
  • I became hooked on Blogging and loving it!
  • Rye Playland
  • The Zoo’s & Aquarium



To some this may seem like a little , To some it might seem like a lot.

To me it is all blessings…


making dreams come true

making dreams come true

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One response to “Recap of 2008

  1. Awww, I love dolphins! What a great pic!

    I’m the one who bumped you off the reading rotation on the rotating blog thingy – so you might want to resubmit your link… but what a great blog I’ve found here!

    I will be back!

    Love and stuff,

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