Does Money Change a Person?

6a00d8341ca02753ef00e54f3e178b8833-800wiPeople say that money changes you. Does it? I don’t necessarily think so.I think the people that say that are poor. They will never have money because they can never see themselves having success in their lives. I think power changes people but not money. T. Harv Eker says, ” money only makes you more of what you already are. “. I tend to agree. As my bank account increases , I haven’t changed . I am still the same kind hearted generous person I have always been. Actually I am happier.  

 Does Money Change a Person?


  • They say money can’t but happiness.
  • It can’t buy love.
  • It can’t buy success.
  • It changes you .


Well It has brought me happiness. I can share in my wealth with love in my heart. I have the feeling of success in my life that came along with money. It has changed me… I am free from who I was.

So , Does it change people ? Yeah sure it does, Into exactly who you want to be. 

 It even changes the  people that don’t have money .They are angry at those that do. Why, I haven’t gotten a clue. They only reason people don’t have money is because they don’t take action in getting any. Playing lotto is not my idea of taking action. I mean actually taking steps to produce the money they so badly want. Successful people work hard .  They are truly grateful for all they have and expect greatness for themselves. They never look bad and repeat the bad memories . They never mentally break themselves down for mistakes they can’t change. They are in a good mental state of being . 

Maybe that’s it. If we keep a good mental state of being , the wealth will plenish us all.

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