Once you Understand your Fear ,Can you Defeat it ?

That is exactly when you defeat your fear. It makes it much easier to defeat anything when you have a understanding for it. That goes for almost anything. Like in sports . The teams study each other . They have a better understanding for the other team. Almost like the other team is the fear. Once you understand how the other team works they don’t seem as scary. 

Once you understand your fear ,Can you defeat it ?



Take a chance on yourself

Take a chance on yourself



Of course you can. Usually fear comes from the unknown. So if you seek out and understand then it is no longer unknown. Then the fear can dissipate.

All you have to do is list your fears :


  • decide which ones you can easily understand
  • narrow out your fears from little to big
  • Research your fears – Figure out where they came from
  • Figure out which ones debilitate you and get familiar with them


Now that you are familiar with what holds you back , let it go. Just let go of the fears of the things that aren’t familiar to you. You will find yourself feeling free.

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