Day 1 of the Beyond Freedom Program – Take 2

                  I am starting all over again. I am sure I barely touched on the real fundamentals of the program. I am excited because so much has happened to me since I did it the first time. That was way back in June. I probably should have started over again sooner. I tried. But that was my problem . I tried instead of doing. This time I am going to Do it!

Day 1 of  the Beyond Freedom Program -Take 2




I need to make sure I set aside the right amount of time to focus on my self today. I need to set my intent for the day before I even get out of bed. I add a few thinks in with the program that I have picked along the way . Different affirmations and routines . But they all fall under the same category . I will show my Gratitude. I do something nice for someone today. I will journal today. Send someone a note card. (not a xmas card)  I will visualize myself  already have completed my goals.

I am excited about today. I can’t wait to see what I will manifest today.

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