Holiday Time of Year

It is the most wonderful time of the year. 

 Jingle Bells , Jingle Bells 


Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays



Ho Ho Ho








I don’t celebrate any religious holidays . But this time of year makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The smells , the colors,the music, all the lights are great for my senses. It is a perfect time to display your generosity to others. Remember the best part of receiving is giving.  A gift isn’t given until it is received. I love that saying . Brent Payne says that on the beyond freedom home study course.

It is funny how during holiday times people tend to be more generous with strangers. It would be nice if it could last the whole year though. I know that my husband and I practice and are raising our children to be generous at all times. We do not need a calender event to be a caring giving person. I guess that is why I got lost when it came to religion. It was just calender holidays. I never really had a base of what I should believe in .

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