Getting Engaged…

Will you?

Will you?



   I want to take a moment and congratulate you on your engagement. It is a most exciting time in your life  . I want to share some great secrets  to marriage that I have learned in the past 9 years  . I wish someone would have do this for me. I want you to keep this  and refer back to it at least 2x a year. That way you don’t forget the things I am going to share with you.    OK  now that we got past all of that here we go.

 Getting engaged…


  • Remember it isn’t 50/50 on everything. It is 100/100 . That way you both know you are putting your all into everything you do. 
  • Make sure you speak and understand each other at all times. refer back to my post on The Key to a Strong Relationship is Speaking the Same Language
  • When you are talking and you loose your attention , Be honest instead of saying you heard everything.
  • Don’t play games in hoping they will guess what you are thinking.
  • If you have a need or a want , share that information. They will never find out on there own. 
  • Make sure you have the same goals for your family 
  • have a good understanding how you’ re going to raise your children , if you desire them.
  • Remember you both play for the same team.
  • Realize when you say I do , your immediate family connection has changed. It is no longer mommy or daddy that is your next in kin. 
  • always make sure you have your partners back no matter what. 

Just a litlle side note. Your not really married till you have kids. That is when the fun begins.




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2 responses to “Getting Engaged…

  1. DaniCozma

    nice reading it. i guess it fits me even though i’m a man :). thanks

  2. This is great….. put a link of this on my blog!!!

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