Who am I ?

” I am not feeling like myself today.”

Have you ever said that to yourself before? I had been feeling this way all week. Wasn’t really sure why I was feeling that way. I am sure It had to do a little with female things. But other than that I wasn’t sure what else had been going on. Then it dawned on me , I don’t really even know me enough anymore to say that I don’t feel like myself.

Who am I anyway ?


Be. Do. Have.

Be. Do. Have.



I have been changing so much lately I don’t even know who I am sometimes. I know I am happy . That is most important. I just think I am so in the present I get taken away by it. The most exciting time in my life is right now. I am taking my family to a whole new level. I know we are ready for it . We are definitely are enjoying the ride. I am doing things and going going places , Just this year alone I never thought I would see for years. 

I am having fun, I will adjust to the new life. I have to say it is much better than the old one. Then I guess it is okay right now not to know who I am to a science. It allows me room to grow. I never want to be comfortable. Then I know I am not challenging myself.


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  1. Can I have some of what you are smoking too ?

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