Do you TRY or do you DO?

Are you the type that tries to do things?

Or are you the type to just do things?

Do you even realize the difference? 



Be. Do. Have.

Be. Do. Have.



I  teach my kids that trying and doing are different. To try something is like taking a sample. Not sure if you really are willing to commit . Just going to test the waters. Doing is taking the big plunge into what ever it is. Not worried about the out come. You know that not matter what you have committed yourself in it 100%. 

I have come to realize that anything you put in 100% , you get out 100%. When you think you have put in 100% and nothing is happening for you . Take a step back and ask yourself. Am I just TRYING, or am I DOING. It is important for you to really see the difference. The group of people that are always trying and never doing are the same people that complain that nothing ever works for them. Maybe they should stop trying and start doing. Action is required in order to have a outcome.

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