I sparkle when you shine

This is my year to shine.


I am so excited . I have a true understanding to how to get the things out of life that I want. There is no guessing. I will set my intent everyday and achieve my goals one day at a time. I do understand if I focus on everything nothing will happen. I do have a long list of goals to achieve this year. But I look at it this way , I have all year to do it. I just look back at the past 6 months of 2008 and it blows my mind. Who knew I was that capable. I wish I would have believed in myself sooner. It would be nice if everybody in my life was on board. 

I guess with success comes some sorrow. The fact that no matter how hard I try I will have to let go of friendships. I think the less I think about it and just let it fade , the easier it will be. I have extended myself so I can bring them along. But you can’t force people to have the same beliefs as you.  

I am looking forward to sharing in my new adventures

  • January – Going to LA 
  • Feburary- Make $50,000 In the first week.
  • March – Mexico 
  • April – The start of making a 6 figure income on a monthly basis
  • May- Renew my vows for my 10th anniversary
  • June – Pack to move into my dream home
  • July – Hawaii
  • August- Buy a hybrid car
  • September – Start my kids in Private school
  • October – Have crazy big Halloween Party
  • November – My first Thanksgiving in my new home 
  • December – Celebrating a year of success

I can’t wait to give all the details of my success and show you how easy it is to get anything you really want! I will just stayed plugged in my Beyond Freedom Program.


Be. Do. Have.   Make 2009 your year!


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5 responses to “I sparkle when you shine

  1. Well here’s hoping you shine the brightest! 🙂

  2. Talk about having a plan 🙂 Best of luck to you and have a blessed New Year.

  3. Happiness is yours for the taking … COOL post!

  4. Shine on Dana. I enjoyed reading and seeing your pictures.

  5. Al

    All the best to you, Dana, in your personal and professional endeavors this year.

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