Kick off 2009 – My trip to LA

Step out of the Box  I just kicked of this year with 1000 of the most amazing people. The secrets to success in my business were put out by the top income earner of all time in the company. This years top income earner Rachel Oliver make over a million dollars in the past 12 months. You can see where I am headed. I am so grateful I will be able to share my journey with all of you. Life is out there , You have to choose in . That is the only way you are ever going to get any where.

I made  a choice a long time ago I want in. Stick around and watch me rise to the top! 


Be. Do. Have.

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One response to “Kick off 2009 – My trip to LA

  1. timothymillar

    I love your drive and enthusiasm, Glad I am not the only one headed for The Top! Have a Wonderful Day, Timothy Millar

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