Taking my Dreams and making them Reality


Making a dream a reality

Making a dream a reality

How many dreams have you been able to make reality? As I have mentioned before I have goals set for myself in 3 different levels. Well this past weekend I was able to fill another goal . I always want to get a tattoo at the High Voltage Tattoo Shop. A.K.A LA ink.  I put the intent out there and headed on my way. I had emailed several times to set something up and I never got a response. That didn’t stop me from taking action . I walked into the shop knowing I wasn’t leaving without a new tattoo. Well When I got there the only available time was the same time I had to head back to the hotel. I decided that I would stick around for a hot minute and take a few pics. I wasn’t bummed out I was just happy to be in LA. The next thing I knew I was talking to Dan and telling him what I wanted to get done. Living with intent is the most amazing feeling. Let the pictures speak for themselves.


Me & Dan

Me & Dan

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