How many of you failed you resolution list already?

  It is January 15th, 2009. How many of you have already given up on your resolutions? I know I have failed myself as well. I am no martyr. I shouldn’t have given myself goals I wasn’t ready to commit to . The fact is you can’t give up something without being ready. But when are we ever gonna be ready? 


Is your resolution to cut down on coffee?

Is your resolution to cut down on coffee?




We will be ready when want better for ourselves. That is the problem  a lot of us don’t think we are worth it. After spending the weekend in LA with some of the most amazing people I have ever met. And yes I met most of them. I realize that I am worth it every step of the way. I am worth eating healthy and exercising . I am worth the effort to be wealthy. Nobody is just going to hand me that life. I have to realize it is there for the taking. 

I also want to say you don’t need it to be a New Year for you to make a change in your life. Just make that decision and stick to it.

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