Learning to Listen

In the past few years I have learned that listening is very important to growing. I wasn’t always the best listener. I was always good at giving advise never taking it. I realize that if I can’t follow how will I ever learn to lead. I feel I was born a leader , But even leaders have room to grow. That growth comes from learning to listen. 

Listening is Growing.


Learn to listen and you can grow in any condition.

Learn to listen and you can grow in any condition.



I went to LA for a business conference. The top earners of the company took time and shared with us how they achieve success. I have a few inspirational quotes that have help inspire me and my business. 

  • Play it full out.
  • Believe in yourself and it can carry you through.
  • You can change who you are in a split second.
  • You don’t have to understand how it works to know it works.
  • Your belief is going to determine your success.
  • Who Cares What Anybody Thinks!!!!
  • Start living for me.
  • Dream Big
  • Don’t let ANYBODY get in the way of your dreams.

And last but not least…

The Only Way to Fail is to Quit !

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