Why do people see what the problem is But choose to not change it.

Do we just get so comfortable in our lives that good bad or in different we keep living it ? Why is it so hard to see that the life we are living like it or not we choose into. We also get to choose out of it . Create a new one . It is just a simple as that. People will find every excuse in the book to say it isn’t . But the fact is everyday we make choices in our lives and they got us into the exact situation we are in now. 

Are you happy , Really happy ?


If you life isn’t really what you want to be  , why do you think you have to keep doing it . Why is it so hard to see life is not what society has created life to be . There is more to life than a good  career and a 9 to 5 job. What happened to family and enjoying life. It is crazy that your employer gets to tell you how many days you are allowed to be sick in a year. When you can take vacation and how many times a year you can do that. Some jobs don’t even give you a choice when you can take it. It is quite bazaar to me .

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