Do you talk a good game , But have no desire to play in that game

A lot of people like to talk a good game,

Very little attempt playing in it. 

Are you the type that gives great advise but never takes your own. I used to be like that. I would present how great life is and how easy it is to achieve . Up until this past year I  was all game no play. This year I am all in the game. I am a key player in my game of life. A matter a fact I am the only player to my game.

How many of you have to many players in ” YOUR” life ?


           You know the saying to many cooks can spoil the pot . Well to many key players in your life leave very little control for yourself . You should be the only one making big choices in the game . Yeah sure you can ask for advise . But remember people give advise off of their own experiences . So they might not mean to give you the wrong advise. But it does happen .  Are the people helping you worthy of your life ?

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One response to “Do you talk a good game , But have no desire to play in that game

  1. You’re Very Thoughtful, Dana.
    I came to Your site because of Your DM in Twitter, welcoming me to follow You and read Your blog.

    I was wondering if that DM was automatic or not?

    You used my first name – and I was wondering if the auto replies are now doing that?

    Anyway – Keep Up Your Great Thoughts!
    ~Much Love & Joy to You & Yours!
    ~Sunny 🙂
    (= SunnyHillsMaui on twitter)

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