Out with the Old , In with the New

How many times do you say you are going to clean house in your life ? But when it comes down to it a lot gets sweep-ed under the rug. You decided every year you are going to stop doing the wrong things and start doing the right ones. You are going to stop complaining and start doing something about it. 

Out with the Old , In with the New

me and Mason

I pick the topic of friendships at this time . That is what I have been dealing with a lot lately. I have come to a crossroads in my life . Do I continue to complain about the friendships I have or do I change something about them. So I am choosing to do something about the friendships. I have decided to end them. It is time in my life to let go of people who have been in my life out of habit. The ones who have been just there because I am used to it that way. I am letting go of those who don’t challenge me to be a better human. I am  letting go  of those that are my friend because of need . The friendships that are draining to me.

With all of those friendships gone, I have created the space in my life for people who challenge me to be a better human. I am excited about it. I am surrounding myself with like minded people who are achieving goals and dreams in their life . I have made a goal for myself to only surround myself with people moving forward. I will never look back again.

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