self – reliance

Do you depend to much on others ?  Can you make any decisions for yourself ? Some people are afraid to even put these questions into thought . The reason being is they will come to realize that they are not really in charge of there own lives. 

Self reliance means reliance on one’s own powers and resources rather than those of others.  Not many people can say they are truly self – reliant . I would like to think I am . The truth be told I am not 100% self – reliant . That is something I am working on. Many people wouldn’t think that about me . I am very serious about being in motion and doing everything it take to be in total control of my life. 

So I feel to achieve success in my life I need to be self – reliant and be in motion. More important not to force it ! It can happen if you make a decision for it to .  

Failure in my life is not a option. 


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