Life in Abundance

How many of us actually live the life we desire ? 

Life in Abundance is the way I live my life.


happy and living large

happy and living large



I know everyday when I wake up my intention is to achieve my goals. I make sure that I am taking steps everyday to get to that goal. I live my life in abundance . I teach my children the same . I show my gratitude everyday . I think that showing gratitude everyday is a big part of living life in abundance

I am not one of those people that thank GOD as a expression. I take time everyday to be thankful for all of my gifts. I call them gifts because we are not all born with them . Things that make my life in abundance and the things I am grateful for may seem simple to most . 

I have gratitude for :

  • Sight – I can see very clear 
  • Hearing – Love to hear the morning birds
  • Smell – I am blessed with a heightened sense of smell 
  • Touch- I get to touch and hug my children
  • I am grateful for my ability to have a way with words
  • I am grateful for the way I am able to reach people 

Just wanted to share in a few things I am grateful for . I am grateful for much more . I just wanted for you to get the idea that you can be grateful for anything .  With that type of  gratitude the life in abundance falls into place.


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2 responses to “Life in Abundance

  1. Awesome post . . . I live each day with an abundance of gratitude no matter how bad it gets 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I really like this post. It is powerful to live a life of abundance. I love that word “abundance” it’s like overflowing with greatness. I actually love the word so much I named my life coaching business abundance in life coaching.

    God bless and keep the great attitude always!

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