Do you live with Certainty ?

I live my everyday with absolute certainty that life is exactly what I ask for. I move in certainty that my goals will be achieved. I know that because I move forward everyday with integrity.

Do you live with Certainty ?

How many people place blame on other things that life isn’t  working out for them . Those are the people that live in the herd of life. The ones that don’t step up and take charge of their lives.  They don’t know about certainty. That if you set a goal they only way you are going to reach that goal is with absolute certainty . Then you move forward with that certainty and take action with integrity.


For example I am going to Mexico . I was certain that my mother was going to be part of that trip. Even way before I asked her. I had set my goal that I was going to bring her with us . The best part of my certainty was paying for her trip as well. So 21 days till we leave and we are booked as a family of 5 .

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One response to “Do you live with Certainty ?

  1. Oh, I’m always great about taking responsiblity for my own boo boo’s! When I was younger I use to point the finger at every one else but I ran out of people to blame lol

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