My first morning in MEXICO

Well we traveled all day yesterday . The kids survived.It was worth the trip . Mexico is a very beautiful country. Today we are taking the kids to a water park. 


CiCi water park in Acapulco , Mexico

CiCi water park in Acapulco , Mexico



Tonight my husband and I have a VIP dinner with the company. This is where we mix with repeat attenders to the conferences. I am looking forward to masterminding with multiple 6 figure income earners. They say you are who you hang with . I guess that is why I had to change the friends I hung out with . They are going nowhere fast in there lives. I want more that a middle class life. I deserve the best out of life. You know what … I am gonna grab it!

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One response to “My first morning in MEXICO

  1. So glad you are having fun in Mexico. You are right, you “are” who you hang with. If that’s the case, I’m calling up Donald Trump!Wait, isn’t he broke?

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