Self Created Family

 Lewandowski FamilyI have a family filled with amazing people. Some are blood related and some self created. You don’t always feel like family with the ones you are blood related to . People say you can’t pick and choose your family. I disagree . You might not be able to pick your birth parents in our life  , But you get to choose if you want to keep them in your life. 

my brother

I have 3 brothers . One is my biological brother and the other 2 are just as close to me . I have had my brothers in my life for over 20 years . When I need them they are there for me . That is what family is about . We can count on each other for anything unconditionally . I have 2 girlfriends that are the sisters I have always asked my mom for that I never got . One has bless me with a God child . She is my name sake. My other is my SFAM (sister from another mother) . She is married to one of my brothers. That is how we created this incredible family . 

Isabella Dana

My blood family just doesn’t understand what I might have against them that we don’t talk. It has nothing to do with them . It is all about me. I need to have in my life people I can be real with . I don’t have to keep back my thoughts and feelings. We don’t share the same ideas and values about life. That is exactly why I have created my own family. 

Life is good . Can be better when you choose who you want in it !

Art is Life


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3 responses to “Self Created Family

  1. Ree Ree

    I love you!! Thanks for being part of my fam too. Guess what??? You wrote a blog about me…hahahahahaha

  2. I love that you read my blog . You are a true sister to me , I love you for that !

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