Are you being crystal clear on your goals ?

MY GOAL 338 flax hill rdDo you realize how important it is to be crystal clear on your goals ?  

When setting a goal for yourself . You should be able to already see yourself as if you have achieved that goal.  A good idea is not to fail yourself getting to that goal . It is very important to stick to the goal till it is achieved. If you don’t you will be left know that the only reason you have not reached that goal is because you walked away and gave up. Some times you don’t even realize that you are just moments away from hitting you goal mark and you make the decision to walk away. 

Just stay focused on your goal . Don’t be distracted by outside influences . Most of society would enjoy seeing you at a time of failure than a time of success . That is because when you find the success and the Joy  and  Happiness that follows with that. You remind others of their failures. Don’t let those passion drainers weigh you down.

How do you do that you might ask ?  Limit the time you spend interacted with these types of people. Don’t feel bad you are distance yourself . Just stay focused on the main objective. YOU . YOUR GOAL ! 


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  1. Thanks for the inspiring post!!

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