I swear on Everything I Love

      Being a part of this community Liberty League has offered to me in the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I am supported by people all over the world . It is mind blowing to me the changes that I see in myself . 

I swear on Everything I love  …

I Swear on Everything I love

            I will never leave what I am doing . I love that fact that I have the opportunity to meet people and teach them how to change there situation in life. Show them how to live there life by design . It is a incredible gift that I fell upon . A gift isn’t a gift until it is received . I learned that with my Beyond Freedom program . I feel I am receiving so much more than I ever expected to . That is the best gift I ever got ! 

      I have created a passion for what I am doing . I feel so empowered . I know you can change the world one person at a  time . That is just what I entend to do !

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