Don’t let life make you , You make Life !

Many people walk around letting there lives make them . They have no clue that they can make their own lives . 

I ran into a 9 year old boy that was in my daughters 2nd grade class and his sister who was in my son’s Pre;k class.  They were visiting their  father . He moved to another part of  Queens . I had asked them how school was and they both jumped out and said it was horrible. My heart dropped . I asked them how they were doing and he put his head down .  He started to express how he wished he was living back over here . 

All I could think to tell him was these wise words … 

Don’t let LIFE make you , You make LIFE 

I asked him if he understood what I meant. I got a blank stare . I told him to please remember these wise words and never forget them . One day you will understand them and your life will change. I promised him  that if I ever see him again I would repeat those words to him . 

I wanted him to understand that the situations that he is placed in doesn’t have to make him who he is . He can take that and learn about who he really wants to be . I went home and told my children about what had happened . I wanted them to understand and have gratitude for they life they live. I asked my oldest , my daughter if she knew what I meant . It truly brought me joy to know she understood what it means to Make Your LIFE ! 


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