Taking it back OLD SCHOOL


Cardozo High school reunion 2009

Cardozo High school reunion 2009

It was so refreshing to see old faces. I haven’t seen some of these people since 1991 . That is just short of 20 years. the amazing thing is most of them looked the same . I went with intention of seeing one person in particular . Melika was my friend since 3rd grade . We had a very special relationship . I remember we would talk on the phone . Back then you had to ask your parents permission to use the phone . She has a brother and so do I . We would talk the 4 of us on the phone . She taught me how to jump double dutch . I treasure those days . We went to school together all the way to high school . We had gone our separate ways after that . With the Internet I started searching for with all those sites like Classmates.com and Reunion.com . Well finally about 2 years ago we connected. She had been looking for me too ! I was overwhelmed that she had missed me the same way . 

Melika had a accident and was in a coma for a bit . She told me I had come to her at that time . I had come to her as the girl from elementary school . We talked about it this weekend . We realized that was a time in our lives when life was simple. We were our authentic selves . That was the core of who we were . That was when we had true friendship.  25 years later , We are true friends . I am grateful to have her in my life. She is a soul sister to me . 

Melika and Dana

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