Maya Massage


I have been getting treated for my menstrual cycle . There is more to a woman’s cycle then her bleeding every month . For me it is a hormone  fluctuation . I cramp very badly . I also deal with ovulation . It is a very painful experience for me . So twice a month I am in a lot of pain . One lasts longer than the other.  I live a pretty natural lifestyle. I haven’t taken prescription drug in over 6 years . 

I was seeking a way to just deal with my symptoms . I was working with a massage therapist a  Natalia Rivera  . She would tell me about this treatment she learned . It is called the Maya Massage .   I had said I wanted to try it , But I never went past talking about it . That was till 3 months ago . I go weekly for a treatment ,except when I am actually menstruating . Usually you don’t see results till a few months into it  I was getting results right away . I was sticking to my home care and maintaining a healthy diet. 

I am now starting do use herbs and other healing elements . Castor oil packs and visualizations are on the list for this week . I am looking forward to seeing the results. It is only going to work if I do it . INTEGRITY is EVERYTHING !

The massage isn’t just for woman . It helps both sexes out . Digestive and Emotional Benefits for Men and Women.

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  1. Guys have no idea what we go through. lol I used to have the worst period in the world, total PMDD. I would go into hiding for two weeks before, eat everything in the house and cry at every single Hallmark commercial…man, I’m glad it’s gotten better…wasn’t sure how much more I could handle that. lol

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