Have I Grown at All ?

How much have I grown this year ?

How much have I grown ?

I look back and reflect on the past 12 months and wonder Have I Grown at All ?  I know I had taken steps this year to expand my mind . I have read plenty of books , been to personal development conferences . More importantly I have opened my mind up to possibilities .

Possibilities of changing my life again . They say ” What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ” . I am holding on to that . I am built like a OX !

As I am writing this I realize I have grown tremendously . In every aspect of the word . The best part for me is knowing that it is a  endless journey . I can never said I am board . That would me I had given up on myself . I cannot possibly get board if I choose to constantly grown in my life .

How much have you GROWN this year ?


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4 responses to “Have I Grown at All ?

  1. Well I didn’t know you before but I know from what I have read and seen over this last year I would say you made many changes,but we can read many people saying good stuff but I like to SEE evidence and I have been checking out your pics of your family and happy homelife and that’s evidence.
    Your pretty steady also. Where I have many ups and downs you seem to be on a steady path 🙂
    I look forward to 2010 bringing our friendship even closer. Thanks
    Happy Holiday 🙂

  2. To keep it honest . . . John I do have my ups and downs . I just don’t let my downs last more than a minute. We have much more in common than I might lead on . Best thing about friendship it grows too ! Looking forward to growing our friendship !

  3. chris

    long time follower good to read another new post

  4. Thanks Babe for always supporting me … I love you

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