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10 Steps to Maturity

act like an adult

Most adults like to think that they are mature.

How Mature are you?

Maturity is more that what you think. I have come up with 10 Steps to Maturity. I hope that those of you that read this can look at yourself and be truthful with the answers.

10 Steps to Maturity :

  1. Look in the mirror and admit your not mature
  2. Evaluate how responsible you are
  3. Re-evaluate your life goals
  4. Take responsibility for your actions
  5. Create new life goals for yourself
  6. Commit to yourself (It is your life)
  7. Re-evaluate who you spend your time with
  8. Remind yourself you are in control
  9. Step outside your normal way of thinking. (step out of your box)
  10. Want it!

Your given great tools to live your life well. It is totally up to you and only you to take that first step. It isn’t hard to wake up and make that change. It seems to me that people are better at making excuses for themselves and blame the world for there faults. Look in the mirror!!! When are you going to grow up and take charge?

Life is good. Are you ready to enjoy it?

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