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Day 54 – I am Taking Charge of My Life

I am feeling the pressure of succeeding. School is about to start soon and i am still here in this crappy apartment. How am I going to change my situation? I am pondering with myself over and over. 

I decided that i need to be more aggressive with myself.


I am stronger than I look

I am stronger than I look



I am Taking Charge of My Life !

Nobody is going to do this for me. I need to own my life. Take what I showed up for. That is health, wealth, happiness and an abundance of money. I do own 3 out of 4 at the moment. The money is the challenge. Really it is only a challenge because I was making it one. It can be easy if I just take my ideas and believe with all my soul that I am successful.

I have an amazing support system. My husband is the most amazing man in the world. He supports me and encourages me to follow my dreams. He is willing to take all the steps it takes for us as a family to be successful. I couldn’t have wanted more in a partner. I have to show him that he made no mistake in taking a chance on my dreams. 

Be. Do. Have.

I am Taking Charge of My Life

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