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The Key to a Strong Relationship is Speaking the Same Language



Do you speak Canary?

Do you speak Canary?

Do you speak the same language as the people that surround you? I don’t mean nationality or religion. I mean are you speaking in a language that the person that you are communicating with will understand


The Key is Speaking the Same Language





Andy Andrews put so nicely what I had already known . But he actually broke it down into simple terms. What kind of language do you speak?  Do you speak Canary? Puppy? Goldfish? Kitty cat?


  • Canary – Needs to chirp away and have a good listener.
  • Puppy – Needs to be told they are doing a good job and given attention
  • Goldfish – Just needs to be fed and is always doing
  • Kitty Cat – Helps themselves for affection, But would love to get it back.
I major in Goldfish and minor in Canary. I am the type that I just do do do and I love to share my information that I have tons of knowledge in.  With this knowledge my husband knows what my needs are. He didn’t always know this about me . It took us time to figure out what language we spoke. He spoke puppy. I didn’t know that at first. But when we figured that out for each other a few years back we created a incredible realationship. 
It is really important for a successful relationship that you understand what language the person that you are talking to . 
Do you speak Goldfish?

Do you speak Goldfish?

What language do you speak?

Can you speak different languages?

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Your Very Best Thinking

Path Of life, Are you taking action on it?

Did you ever think to yourself how did I get to where I am in life? Are you the type that likes to blame others for the situation you are in? Do you realize that your very best thinking got you to were you are. Yes it is true.


Your Very Best Thinking

Andy Andrews brought this to my attention. It sure was a eye opener. When I was in the worst possible financial place it was because of my best thinking. My own fault. Who would imagine that they would create a situation where they are financially suffering. It all made sense. Was I taking action to have anything else go for me at that time. Not that I can recall. The last thing I think anybody cares to admit is that they don’t really handle their business. I know I spent most of my time focused on that fact that I am in a financial situation. Instead of how to fix it. 

Remember you are what you focus on . What do you focus on?

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Perception is Reality or isn’t it?

At the conference today  with Andy Andrews a topic was brought up. Perception. It is reality or not? I guess it all depends on how you look at things. I understand that the way you perceive things bases your beliefs on things. But are you perceiving things for what they really are?

Perception is Reality or isn’t it?

So really you have to think to yourself , if they way I see things aren’t reality what is? Who decides what is reality and what is not. How can we tell the difference. Well my answer to you is this, If you believe it to be true then it will manifest to happen. You know the saying what you focus on you will attract to you. That is the same as your perception of reality. What you make your reality you will attract to you.

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