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Attention – It can manifest into something more that intended



give it attention and what do you see?

give it attention and what do you see?




             When you give it attention it becomes something I now realize that . I saw a comment on Facebook under a picture that I felt was cruel. I couldn’t help but to write what I felt when I read it. It was on Stephanie’s page but the comments were from 3 different. One being me , The first comment from a old friend and the 3rd comment from a hater. Here is how it went “Stephanie — you look great. OMG — is that Debbie behind you!?!” Response was” no its a shemale, dont you see the adams apple”, I replied back with “That is just wrong!” And this is what I got in reply “MIND YOURS, AND STAY OUT OF MINE !!!!!!!! LOSER”. Talk about an angry person. 

The point in me telling you this  , is for you to understand that I had no intention to bring attention to myself replying . But because I gave it my attention to begin with it manifested into ridiculousness. I have no intention to reply , that would be giving it more attention than it requires. At this point if I was to reply it would become a issue. It will manifest into bad energy.  

So when giving something your attention be aware of what you invite your way. Make sure you have good intentions the whole time of interacting during that moment.

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