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Create Action in the Middle of Fear

What are the excuses that are keeping you from getting you what you want? I am sure the best of  you think I don’t really make excuses it is just that this and just that that happened. When in REALITY they are all just excuses. When You create excuses it is really your fear just showing up. Yup it is true. Every excuse is fear looking you in the face. 

Create Action in the Middle of Fear

When I am afraid of something I see myself finding some reason not to have to deal with the issue. When What I really need to do Is jump in and take action. Take the bulls by the horn so to speak. That is the crucial time to make things happen. You have two choices . You can do something . Or you don’t. You definently  do not have TRY as a option.

Try is a word for people that Never get anything done. That is because there is no action in try. There is only action in DO !


Ready to take action

He didn't let fear take over. He did more than "TRY" . He Won!

 He did more than just “TRY” . He took action in his life.

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