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Sometimes it is Better to Listen to Advise Then Give it

I have always been really good at giving advice. Wasn’t always the best at taking it. I always used to say if I just would take my own advise I’d be okay. Well now I am at a crossroads in my life. I want to continue to be able to give advise . I know I have to get better at taking it. 

Sometimes it is Better to Listen to Advise Then Give it

My memory skills have helped me a great deal in life. I retain so much information ,it is mind boggling at times. What i have to focus on is my listening skills. If i could concentrate and focus more on what i am listening to, I can remember more useful information. That is very important in the field i desire to be a big part of. 



I am Listening!!!

I am Listening!!!


It is very important for my to clear my mind before I listen. My brain has to many thoughts going on at one time. That is where my listening defaults. I already know this. That is where discipline needs to step in to my life. I am very self disciplined so i see myself becoming a very successful listener.

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