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Life is a Blessing


God's little Blessing

God's little Blessing

I am going a little off my usual topics. I became a aunt last night. It is a wonderful thing. My older brother became a father. He now understands what it is like to create life. He now knows about LIFE BEING A BLESSING.


Sometimes we get so caught up in the material word we lose touch with the simple joys of life. Birth and creation of a human life is one of the most amazing things in the world. I know i did it twice. It truly puts things into perspective. The first moments with your child doesn’t even seem real. It is almost like the world stopped. Time is standing still. You try to hold on to that feeling forever. 

The sad part is that people forget that feeling and jump right back into the material world. Losing sight very quickly of what life is truly about. We need to hold tight to what is truly important in life. For me it is my family. They are the most important to me. Being at home and creating a strong family bond is my first priorty in life. 

I have many goals I have set for myself. My first major goal is retire my husband so he doesn’t miss out on anymore memories . I am tired of him being married to his job .So is he. We are young and people don’t think it is possible for our dreams to come true. Good thing I don’t create my dreams on what other people have to say. If i did I would have never had the successful life i have to begin with.

Life is short , so lets not loose sight on what is really important.

Life is a Blessing.

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