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Be the Cause in Your Life , Not the Effect

Some many times I would find my self being the one to blame for my unhappiness. When I took the time to look back at many disappointments in my life it would be me that caused them. How much time i had wasted. I can never get that time in my life back. But I will be sure to never let it happen again.

Be the Cause in Your Life , Not the Effect



You eat bad things , you get fat ..... Cause & Effect

You eat bad things , you get fat ..... Cause & Effect




I need to make sure I don’t place blame on anybody but myself anymore. I need to acknowledge my wrong doing when it takes place. That way I can move on in my life and not let the situations cause any unhappiness. Unhappiness is just wasted energy. I’d rather spend my energy on being happy. It is more fun! The more i focus on being the cause in my life the more things go the way I want.

           That is where the Law of Attraction takes place in the effect, Not the cause. As you create the cause the effect takes place. The universe starts working towards your focus . So focus happy and that is where you will be.

For ever in a state of gratitude.

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