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Day 50: Life is Changing Before My Eyes

Many people want to see change before they commit to doing something. What they don’t understand is that you need to commit in order to see change. Life isn’t about finding the easy way out. You get out of life what you put in.

For Me My Life is Changing Before My Eyes.

I strongly believe in BE. DO. HAVE. Without those core principles in my life I will have no progress. I can complain all I want about the things I don’t have. I can be only upset with myself if I have done nothing to go out and get them. Yes I believe in the law of attraction. I can positive think about things all I want. You need action in your life to acquire  them.

 I had already known what house I wanted. I have pictures of it everywhere. I even have a rubber stamp with my name and the address on it. I know it sounds silly. I believed that I attracted things into my life. I know that I just can’t positive think this house into my life. I need to Be. Do . Have. 

My dream house

 I attracted Liberty League into my life. With this I will purchase my dream home.

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We Need to Focus on Every Aspect of Ourselves

When achieving greatness we need to remember there are several different area’s of ourselves. We just can’t achieve our goals in one area of our lives. 

We Need to Focus on Every Aspect of Ourselves.

We are capable of mental, physical , spiritual and emotional growth. They are all different. They all work together. When people choose to do personal development they almost completely forget about the physical aspect of it. 

In order to have a healthy mind it is very important to have a healthy body. It is very important that you are aware of what you put into your body. You physical health is vital to your mental heath . If we fill our bodies with fast food and junk all the time the body spends most of the time trying to figure out what to do with it. Then the mind doesn’t have time to work on the mental and spiritual parts.

So I feel that in order to progress with your personal development you need to reevaluate you life style. 

  • Do I eat healthy?
  • Do I exercise on a regular basis?
  • When was the last time I had a physical?
  • After you have asked yourself these questions you need to figure out a plan [goal] to make these changes in your life. More importantly how are you going to stick with it. Are you ready and committed to yourself. Are you ready to make a choice to change your every way of being. 

    Once you have gotten this area under control you can grow . You are know on your way to personal development. You have made a commitment to yourself. That is a big aspect in the mental part. You have now taken over your mind. You control your eating and your thoughts on food. Big step. Most people can’t achieve that for themselves.  You need to having the understanding that you control your minds thoughts.   what do you think about all day. What kind of thoughts do you feed your brain? Are they positive or negative? Did you know that you have a choice?  You are what you think and focus about. So It would make sense to focus on only positive things.

        We touched upon mental and physical which leaves Emotional and Spiritual. You need to become emotionally involved in yourself. If you can not feel the emotion for yourself how can you ever share that with others, You need to feel the process you are growing through. Emotion is one of the most important parts of growth. With out emotion there is no motion. We all need motion in order to function. 

    Spiritually we need to be at peace with ourselves . A lot of people like to dwell in the past . There spirit lies in the hope that they will find the emotion to move on. We need to understand we can’t change the past. We can make sure the future is different. Take our life experiences and share them with others as if the past was a gift. Good or bad it is your past. You can use it to grow and to help others grow. I choose to use my past as a tool to help others grow into their  given potential.

    I will tell you I :

  • I eat healthy everyday
  • I exercise on a regular basis
  • I show emotion in every aspect of my life
  • I believe in the power of sharing
  • I always give  generously 
  • I believe in myself
  • As long as I keep up all of these things i will achieve great things in my life


    Everybody holds this potential in themselves. I think it is time to share it with the world.

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    It is Important to Keep an Organized Home

    It is important to keep your home organized for so many reasons.







    For starters less stress. When you are looking for something and can’t find it ,it becomes a stressed out situation. If you create a place for everything, then everything has a place.

    Growing up I had a very small room. It did not have a closet. I have to admit I was a bit messy. But if you think about it I had no where to put anything. When I finally moved out of my childhood apartment I was already a mother of a 4 month old. I had a whole entire apartment. Lots of closets and 2 bedrooms. I had a place for everything. It made my friends sick how clean and organized my apartment was. 

    The truth , I wasn’t very happy with myself . The only way to keep myself happy was to be organized. I was a stay at home mother. I really had no reason not to keep a clean house. After my second child, If my apartment started to feel cluttered I would have to start getting rid of things. As my kids grew out of there things I would find a charity or a friend who might be able to use the stuff. Sometimes I would even post it on Craigslist. I would even check the items wanted section. Most of the stuff I would give away was like new.   Who knew that I would end up to be an inspiration to others.

    As years passed my friends would ask me to come over and help them organize there homes. I would help them realize that to be more organized meant less stress. When you let go of the junk you are collecting and hold on to the things you truly treasure. It makes for a happy home.

    I have been living with my husband for 10 years now. How lucky I am that we are on the same page. If you and whom you are living with aren’t . Have no fear. You start with your things first. no matter what don’t give in tho the mess. They will see how easy it is to find things when they’re in the appropriate place. You can even practice this with you kids. My kids rooms aren’t always in perfect shape. They do know where to look if they need something. It makes for clean up and easier task when everything has a place.

    I hope you can find happiness in a clutter free home. I know it is a big part of the stress free lifestyle I live with my family.

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    Day 36 – Always Room to Grow

    I try to keep in mind that there is Always Room to Grow. Everyday I learn something new about myself. I have learned that I am even stronger than I thought. Everyday I am grateful for my growth. I except the change and look forward to more.

    That is very important for us to acknowledge the growth that we have. Except the change and open yourself up for more. It is amazing the feeling of growth. You are never to old to change your ways. Using the excuse that i am set in my ways is a poor excuse. That is a big cop out. That is the lazy mans excuse not to change.

    Lee Brower gave use an example of having pringles. Pringles are like little goals you set for yourself. Little so you aren’t setting yourself up for failure. When you are successful with a pringle, Celebrate. No pringle is to small to celebrate.

    When I became a associate of Liberty League my husband and I celebrated. When I received my Beyond Freedom program in the mail, My husband and I celebrated. When I posted my first blog post, you know it another celebration. Who doesn’t love to celebrate.

    What may seem so small to others may be a big deal to you. Don’t worry so much about what others think of your progress. The only person that matters is you. You need to be able to look yourself in the mirror and be happy with what you see. I look in the mirror everyday and I am proud of what I see!

    What do you see?

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    Day 22 – Stay Focus , Give the Universe Time to Manifest

    Here I am Day 22.

    I need to Stay Focused and Give the Universe Time to Manifest My Dreams.

    Some things seem like it happens over night. Somethings definitely will take longer for the universe to manifest. I am just so excited about life i want it to all happen now.

    Hilton Resort & Spa in HawaiiHilton Resort & Spa in Hawaii

    I am leaving for Hawaii in 3 days. I am so excited to meet all of these wonderful people. The best thing about these people is we are all like minded. We may all be going to Hawaii to hear to same people. We will all be leaving there with our own experiences. We will all grow in different ways. I will take home everything I learn and apply it to my day life. Just as I do with my Beyond Freedom program. Every time I read or listen to the CD’s I learn something new.

    When changing who you are you need to constantly remind your self that you are a work in progress. Give yourself a chance. If you fail yourself at something make it a point the next day to stick to your goal. I set goals for myself that I keep repeatedly failing myself. I realize thought I am failing MYSELF. So I kicked it into gear. I am showing more self discipline. I also remind myself I am doing this because I want to . Nobody is forcing me to change. I took this upon myself to do. That is why I say when I am failing, I fail myself.

    This is my journey in life.

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    Day 15 – Beyond Freedom with Liberty League

    So here I am at day 15.  I am looking back at the past two weeks and I am proud of myself. I could have never done this alone. The love and support from like minded people has an amazing effect on me. Liberty league is a part of my life now.

    Beyond Freedom is part of my lifestyle.

    beyond freedom

    Being apart of a community that shares the same goals and morals as you is almost healing. I can dream big and not for a second is anybody sending a negative thought my way. It is more like… “Congratulations you deserve it”. It is hard to change when the people that are close to you aren’t very accepting of it. Or that they accept that you are changing but there are going no where. You want them to grow with you…… Continue reading

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    Dealing With Death

    People Deal with Death differently.

    I have been exposed to a lot of death in the earlier years of my life. Between 1989-1998 I had lost really close friends of mine. There deaths all came suddenly. Some from cars accidents, Some motorcycle, and some from drugs. I had lost friends after 1998 but I learned to deal with those deaths differently.

    When people die we can morn their deaths in two ways.

    In a positive way and a negative way.

    From my experience most people deal in a negative way. These people I saw use the deaths as an excuse to fail in their own lives. Most of them turned to drugs. I heard them repeatedly use the excuse of their friends death as the reason that they are using drugs. How silly does that sound? It sounded pretty silly to me. Did using drugs bring them back?

    I saw very few take that experience and turn it into a positive. In reality that is what the smart thing to do is. Making the choice to take the memories of a person you love and creating a positive effect in your life. You can take you hurt , pain and the memory and flip it into something wonderful. Use their memory as a driving force to your success.

    You can do that with every challenge that is thrown your way. Death like most challenges are unexpected. So remember even when it comes to death.

    Respond instead of reacting to the situation.

    helen keller

    Outrageous Riches Now

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    Life By Design

    Have you ever dreamed of creating your dream life?

    Creating a Life By Design is an option we all have.  It is all a matter of realizing we control every aspect of our being. We control all of our actions. We are also responsible for all our actions.

    In order to have a Life by Design you need to gain control of your thoughts and actions. People say it is easier said than done. To me that is the lazy persons excuse. You wake up everyday and make choices. We choose what we will eat, what we are going to wear. Everyday we have experiences and we choose how to respond to them.

    Most people in the world like to blame others for the life they live. When you wake up and look in the mirror the only person that is looking back is you. That is because you are the only person responsible for your happiness that day. It is up to you to decide that no matter what happens that day that you will find the good in every situation.

    Once you are on the path of pure happiness. It will all fall into place. Making sure that all your thoughts are positive , you are on your way to that life you want to design. Do not allow others people’s opinion on what you are trying to achieve discourage you. Usually those people are negative thinkers and may never be able to see things the way you do. Stay right on track.

    You might come to realize you don’t enjoy hanging around the same crowd. Even close family members you might grow apart from. It is normal and healthy. What isn’t normal is keeping toxic people in your life because you think you have to.

    I will share with you… I started this journey to better myself about 5 years ago. As a result i separated myself from some friends. It was hard .Once i stepped away i realized how toxic they were in my life.How i allowed myself to be influenced by others thoughts and actions. I even stopped talking to most of my family all together. I feel FREE! I realize now if i hadn’t done that i would have had room to grow. I love who i am and what i have to offer the world. I have taken over my life . I am creating my Life by design.

    You can too!

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    Out of the Box

    It is truly important for personal growth to step Out of the Box.

    Ask yourself…. Are you the type of person that complains a lot? Do you find you ask yourself all the time why is my life like this? I used to ask myself the same questions. Then I realized that I am the only person that can change that. I did and so can you!

    I looked at parts of my life that weren’t working well for me. I asked myself is there a different way I can go about things. I always say if it isn’t working for you to see where you are going wrong . Make a conscious effort to change it. You don’t need to change all at once. Not everybody handles change well.

    Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself some really important questions:

    • Do I like myself?
    • Am I a good person?
    • Am I a positive thinker?
    • Am I doing what I want with my life?
    • Am I capable of change?

    I think after you are honest with yourself with these answers, you can start your growth. Just keep it real with yourself. Taking the easy way out you are purely cheating yourself out of real happiness. So again ask yourself :

    Are you ready to think Out of the Box?

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    Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Life

    Improve Your Life

    I am listing the top ten ways to improve your life. I live my everyday being by these top ten ways. Actually I have tons more, but I am always striving to be a better human being. I hope to think I set a good example for others. So here it is …..When you read it almost hear it as if you are being told you have to do this. You are the only person in the world who can make you think, feel , and act. You cannot place blame on anybody in the world but yourself. You choose to react to things differently. We have a choice. What choice do you make?

    Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Life:

    1. Be HONEST with yourself
    2. Let go of your past experiences ,Live everyday as it was the first
    3. Control and create your reality
    4. Think outside the box
    5. Set your self some goals – Life goals
    6. Dream big and believe it to be true – It will manifest
    7. Stay focused
    8. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are a successful human being (and believe it!}
    9. Organize your home _clutter causes stress and anxiety
    10. Do something nice for someone else

    And my last bit of advise is to Always respond to a situation than to React to it!

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